Day 1

Mission a head of us is Touring Semuliki National Park as we kick off our long drive. Our stop over will be Mubende town where we are to buy refreshments then continue with the Journey.

Lunch will be served at Mountains of the moon hotel after checking in. without regrets, the welcome of staff and ambiance at the sparkling lodge; will give no room to sigh for relief.

You are to take rest and enjoy the cool weather of Fort portal while rejuvenating from the past stress.

Day 2

Early in the morning, the journey begins to the nature gifted land of the Bamba,

Batwa, Batooro and Bakoojo tribes in Bundibugyo district where Semuliki National Park is located.

With us will be packed lunch, raw beef, bananas, and eggs accompanied with spices. This is because our first activity will be visiting sempaya hot springs where the water boils over 100 degrees from beneath the mantle to the earth crust.

To prove our guide right or wrong, we are to ditch all our raw foods that we carried into the bubbling spring for a few minutes and pick them out by use of sticks then taste on our own cooked meal and see whether it’s ready or not!! The truth of the matter is, it will be!!

From the Hot springs, we’ll drive away and check in at Semuliki safari lodge. The sceneries are a million dollar gift that no one could resist smiling and agree that Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa. We’ll enjoy the fresh breath blowing from Democratic republic of Congo since the park is close to the boarder, listen to the beautiful melodies from the birds and see trees waving good bye praises from left to right as they are being blown by wind.


Day 3

Early in the morning the next item is nature walk. Semuliki National Park is well known for being unique in all national parks of Uganda due to it’s endemic bird species that are sited nowhere else in East Africa hence regarded a bird haven for birders. Birds like the Red ramped tinker bird, white thighed hornbill, Dwarf hornbill, white throated blue swallow and many more, is a life time opportunity that a birder would kill for just to have a minute glance.

Other attractions to look out for during nature walk are forest elephants that only exist in Semuliki national Park and a few in west Africa where it is believed they must have originated from, through Ituri forest of Congo that neighbors the Park. Various tree species that are only endemic to this park and have stood the test of time since 12-18000 years ago will also be part of our search during the activity.

The day is to end in Fort Portal town (the only town in Uganda with a foreign name)as you rest from the walk.

Day 4

The trip away from home is meant for leisure but not stress. For that reason, you will rest and enjoy your sleep, the food, pool, massage and spa and in the afternoon we tour the youngest King’s palace in the World King Oyo Kabamba Iguru. Meeting the King is not guaranteed but on a lucky day with our lucky charm, we might rub shoulders with the King since he is known to be social with common people. The palace guide will explain a lot about Batooro and their culture, visit historical sites and later retire at Mountains of the Moon hotel.

Day 5

Check out time will be 10: AM, the guide will grab your luggage and packed lunch into the car and you are off back to Kampala. The guide is to drop you to your area of choice as he bids farewell.

End of Trip.