Day 1: Travelling to Bwindi National Park.

Setting off is at 8: 00 AM for a long drive to Bwindi via Mbarara where we are to stop for lunch at Igongo cultural center. First attempt to testing local cuisines or dishes of different Ugandan cultures wouldn’t be at any other suitable place and well served than Igongo center can offer.

After Lunch, we are to continue driving until we get to the lodge chosen for your taste by the company and that would be none other than Rushaga forest Camp. Its view towards Gorilla land (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park) is incomparable, unexpected guest of primates come to say hi, colorful birds singing un heard melodies for your comfort, the fresh breath from the ever cool forest and reception of the staff, makes your visit a home away from your own!

Day 2: Trekking the gorillas

By 8:00 AM, we are ready for briefing from the ranger guide, and then kick off for the long awaited ceremony. Trekking the famous Gorillas is a guarantee to watch but other wildlife to look out for are the endemic species of birds, other primate species, the unique flora, hundreds of butterflies and the unforgettable landscape.

After the activity we are to rest and prepare ourselves for a community walk to the inseparable nature loving Batwa (Bush men) community that have lived with Gorillas in the forest for the rest of their life time despite the Government efforts to civilize them. We are to learn more about their lives in the forest and why they love it there, experience their life and enjoy their cultural dance and many more of their adventure.

Day 3: Drive to Queen Elizabeth national park

After breakfast, the drive heads to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the tree climbing Lions in Ishahsa and later a boat cruise at one of the longest natural channels in the world with a stretch of 40 kilometers and depth of 8 meters. The channel is famously known to attract various mammal species for better drinking spots. When on the boat, animals like Hippos are a guarantee to watch, Crocodiles sun bathing, Elephants provided space by other small animals to their size, Waterbucks, Giant forest hogs, Warthogs, Buffalos and various bird species at their natural sanctuary are fascinating to watch.

Later in the day we are to rest at Park view lodge

Day 4: Boat cruise and Game drive

Early morning game drive in the North Eastern part of the Park in search of Lions, Leopards, Elephants, and Hyenas among others will be our first activity in the Park. The park is known to have over 95 mammal species, an average of 612 bird species, 72 enormous volcanic explosion craters, the Gorge that harbors Chimpanzees, the longest natural channel in the world (Kazinga channel) among other fascinating attractions.

Late afternoon we are to go for a boat cruise at Kazinga channel were Hippos, Elephants, Buffalos, Crocodiles, different bird species among others are viewed at a close distance of less than 10 meters.

 Fights of Hippos amongst themselves are inevitable to view, crocodiles sun bathing as their mouth wide open is another thing to look out for, and a bird sanctuary that has hundreds of different bird species depending on one another for survival is unbelievably awesome to watch!!


Day 5: Salt lakes and drive to Kampala

After breakfastwe head for the salt lakes where you get to find out how the locals mine the natural salts from the lake we shall get a chance to go birding, this park is place was classified as an important bird area. It’s a home for over 600 species we cannot miss the   flamingoes on our way back by the rain made lake.

After lunch we shall head to Kampala, from the long journey we should be heading to our hotel and have dinner then rest for the night.

Day 6:  Kampala City Tours

A tour around the Capital City of Uganda is another fascinating activity as you get to visit cultural sites like Kasubi Tombs(Tombs of Kings of Buganda and their history) Kabaka’s Lake(A manmade lake that was dug by people with the use of local tools under the order of the king),Namugongo shrine(A heritage site where people were killed for disobeying the King’s orders on following the missionaries in the spreading of religion)

Social life of Ugandans in the evenings is another activity to look out for that is, if you wish to join them in clubs to enjoy local music and prominent Artists, local beer and many more ways of living life happily under the company and guidance of our staff.

Day 7: MabiraForest and source of the Nile

A drive away from Kampala City to Mabira forest for nature walk in the largest natural Forest of Uganda is another fascinating activity to look out for. Here you expect to hear different sounds of primates from every corner, have a fresh breath away from pollution, different species of endemic birds, Butterflies among others

Our drive will be extended to one of the longest rivers in the world called River Nile. Here we are guaranteed to see the source of Nile whose path goes through various countries like South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt until it flows to the Mediterranean Sea. After we shall head back to our hotel for dinner and rest for the night.